Newport Storm Quinn + TV Shows I Love!

Newport Storm Quinn

Newport Storm Quinn

Newport Storm Quinn

Tonight you get a little glimpse into my evenings. You already know that on any given night I can be found on my ass drinking a beer in my livingroom, but maybe what you don’t know is what I watch on TV while doing it! Before I get to the TV shows, let’s bang out a review.

Tonight’s beverage is Newport Storm Quinn. Many thanks to the good people at Newport Storm brewery for giving me a six pack of this stuff when I visited the brewery.

The Quinn is a beer in their limited Cyclone series. It’s a porter aged in rum barrels, which is appropriate given that they also distill rum at the brewery. Rum is my drink of choice when beer isn’t available so this puppy should be right in my wheelhouse.

I don’t pick up a whole lot of oaky flavors. What I do pick up on is smokiness, a hint of nuts (har har) and boozy aftertaste that vaguely reminds me of rum. If you’re looking for distinct rum flavors, you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s a decent brew worth trying out. I wouldn’t drink more than a single bottle at a time myself.

Ice Road Truckers

Tonight I’m watching Ice Road Truckers. I’ve watched every episode of IRT since the series started a few years back. I have to admit, it’s getting redundant. Always teasing us about someone going into the ice or flying off a cliff and never once has it happened. (That’s a bad joke for the uptight ones reading this…I don’t want anyone to get hurt).

Deadliest Catch

In the same genre is Deadliest Catch. I only started watching this a year or two ago. I’m thoroughly addicted now. For a pencil-pushing desk-jockey pussy, what it takes to crab on the Bering Sea is so far from what I could ever do. Truly amazing to watch.

Whale Wars

Last year I got hooked on watching Whale Wars – a series about a bunch of animal rights activists doing pirate type crap to stop Japanese whaling ships. At first I started watching because the activists seemed so crazy about what they were doing that it was humorous. After learning about their cause my opinion has changed a bit. I still think they are crazy, but I admire their dedication rather than mock it.

Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers is a show I feel guilty about watching. I feel like I’m cheering the tornado on, realizing the whole time that it is possibly killing people and, without doubt, ruining people’s lives. Still, I’m a bit of a weather nut and watching mother nature’s ferocity that close up is still WAY cool.


In a bit of a random twist, I LOVE the UFC. Yeah…that sport where full grown men get into the missionary position (or worse) and flop all over each other. My buddy Dan (R.I.P. bud) got me hooked on it back in 2005. Regardless of how much I love it, I refuse to shell out $60 a pop for pay-per-views. I watch the PPVs for free at local bars and I religiously watch the Ultimate Fighter reality series on Spike.

Walking Dead

Finally, moving on to mini-series…

The Walking Dead on AMC is the best show on TV I have ever seen. Hands down. I’m still uber pissed that AMC is making us wait 11 months between seasons. WTF?!?!?!? In case you missed it last fall, Silvio and I did an awesome beer brainstorm while watching the Walking Dead finale.

Falling Skies

Lastly, my newest addition – Falling Skies on TNT. If you haven’t heard about the series you might be living in a cave or a small nook of some kind. The idea is similar to the Walking Dead – it’s post apocalyptic America and there are bands of people fighting to stay alive. Instead of zombies, the Falling Skies series is about an alien invasion. Check it out Sunday nights on TNT.

And that be my list! Do you like any of these shows? What are your favorite shows?

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.