Opa Opa Watermellon Ale, Porter, and Milk Stout

Brandon's Homebrew

Saturday was a low-key day. Got some house cleaning done and lazed about the house. In the evening an impromptu get together formed as a handful of my twitter buddies planned to meet for drinks at a local watering hole.

Before heading out I had some time to kill and decided it would be an appropriate time to review a homebrew that Brandon had given me. After all, Brandon would be joining us for drinks that evening.

His homebrew is a Canadian Ale…whatever the F that is. He did a great job on his first brewing attempt. It had an awesome off-white head that looked whipped. The hazy orange/amber beer was light and summery with a good amount of bitterness. The only negative was the large amount of floaties in the glass…most likely yeast.

Opa Opa Watermellon Ale

In addition to Brandon, my wife, Norman, and Rob rounded out the attendees of the evening’s event.

I turned the evening into a theme for me, drinking only beers from Opa Opa Brewing. The brewery is based out of western Massachusetts and although they are only an hour or two from where I live, to date I had not tried any of their stuff.

Opa Opa Milk Stout

I started with the Opa Opa Watermelon. The only other watermelon beer I have to compare this to is 21st Amendment, which I loved.

The Opa Opa Watermellon is bolder and heavier than the 21st Amendment. It had more “beer” flavor also; it was bitter. Although it grew on me, at the end of day I wouldn’t buy it again.

Next up I tried the Opa Opa Milk Stout. I’m a real sucker for milk stout and was excited to see the awesome looking beer when it arrived, with a head that looked good enough to eat with a spoon! The brew was a solid milk stout offering and was surprisingly sweet right from square one; a lot of the time I find dark beers bitter when they are stone cold, getting sweeter as they warm. There was a significant roasted malt bitterness in the aftertaste that wasn’t jiving with the edamame I was eating. Despite that, the milk stout is a good beer. I would buy it again, but probably not while eating.

Opa Opa Porter

My third and final beer of the evening was the Opa Opa Porter on cask. Being on cask, the beer was served warm. I found it smooth and light for a porter. It was good, but didn’t really wow me. Besides being really smooth there was nothing remarkable about it. I probably wouldn’t get it again.

Many thanks to the guys for coming out with us and making our Saturday evening interesting!

Josh and Brady Napping

Today (Sunday) ended up being a lazy day. Other than washing the car and now this post, I got NOTHING done. To give you an idea of how lazy I was, earlier this evening boredom took over and I fell asleep on the couch with my dog Brady. Ain’t we cute?


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