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This afternoon I’m off to a graduation party for my little brother Nick, and then after that, into Boston for American Craft Beer festival. It’s going to be mega debauchery. I’m scrambling around this morning getting ready, so without further ado I’ll turn things over to Silvio…

With all the recent excitement of work, house hunting, and moving, I’ve really needed a chance to unwind and go on a little vacation. Good thing for me I’ve had a trip to visit friends in Seattle in the works for a few months, and was finally able to tear myself away from DIY projects early Thursday morning. I’ve never been here, but seriously love the combination of beautiful views and cool culture. Of course, any vacation wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local beer, and I’ve been sampling away. :)

I planned to combine various beer drinking activities into a few posts, just like last year’s trip to Denver, and have gotten some great material so far. Today I present the first installment in Silvio: Seattle.

My first night in town was set around a Mariners baseball game. The ballpark is in a section of town near the football stadium, and directly across the street is Triangle Brewery. On game days they turn their parking lot into an open-air beer garden, and my friend and I grabbed a few pre-game beers before taking our seats.

I checked out their Audacious Apricot Ale, and absolutely loved it. This is a great example of beer that combines a solid beer backbone with good fruity highlights. The pour was cloudy and a deep golden color, and the aroma reminded me of sticking my nose into a bag of dried apricots. Taste wise, it’s dominated by the apricot flavor on the front and middle, and ends on a mellow wheat note. Apricot Ale was crisp and refreshing and would be perfect on a hot summer day.

On day two, my friends had to work so I was left to my own devices for the day. I decided to do my tourist duty and make the obligatory visit to the Space Needle. After taking in the sights, I decided to get something cool to drink – and of course they had a sweet selection of local beers in the Needle’s restaurant! I grabbed Bridgeport Brewery’s Blue Heron Pale Ale and sat down for a quick review.

The Blue Heron is definitely more of a hop head’s brew. It’s got a standard amber color but no real distinct aroma. The crisp hops come through immediately with a bitter first taste, but mellow into a sweet malt background though the middle. It ends on a long bitter hops note but overall was light and refreshing without sticking to my taste buds. Definitely a good choice for my first review from atop an iconic tourist attraction!

After the Space Needle, I met my friend and headed over to the hip Elysian Brewery, and enjoyed a private tour with their lead brewer as well as a 12-beer tasting flight. But that is a story for another day…


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