Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

Tonight we were supposed to go to a Worcester Tornadoes’ baseball game. The weather was gloomy and we just were not feeling it. Instead, we got some num-nums from Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant, hit up Trader Joe’s for even more nummies, and now we’re watching “Unknown”. This is a trippy movie. P.S. When the F did Liam Neeson get to be such a bad ass?

I had this can of Anderson Valley Summer Solstice in my fridge for a number of weeks. It kept sitting there taunting me. Tonight I get my revenge!

The beer is a cream ale. These days I have no idea if that means it has lactose added (like a cream stout). It’s been a point of debate over the last few weeks here on LIBA.

It’s surely creamy, leaving that smooth sensation on your tongue…like you’ve been licking silk. It’s summery and relatively light. Not a ton of character in terms of flavor, but that’s OK in this case. Caramel is the main player. I’m picking up some apricot also. A terrific sumemrtime brew!


Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

Author: Joshua Dion

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