Bell’s Oberon Ale

Today is going to be a beautiful 90 degree day here in New England. I’m off to celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday, so I leave the blog in Silvio’s ample hands. Silvio…

I had a dilemma when deciding which beer to review this week. I haven’t been able to make a true beer run in a few weeks, instead keeping myself going with trips to the local 7-11 or a sweet beer/convenience store about a half-mile away. I’ve picked up a few sixers, but assumed they had all been reviewed already. Much to my relief, I checked Josh’s review catalogue, and saw that he hadn’t yet reviewed one of the sixers I grabbed, Bell’s Oberon Ale.

I’m a big fan of Bell’s Brewery, most notably their Two-Hearted Ale, so I was psyched to find it on the shelf. I’ve heard of Oberon, but never tried it. Oberon is Bell’s summer ale, and it definitely fits the part.

The pour is nice – a light orange color, unfiltered and cloudy hue, and a decent foam crown that dissipates quickly. There’s a decent amount of carbonation in the glass, and lots of floating sediment,, of¬†which I’m always a fan. It had a decent wheat-citrus aroma, but nothing really distinctly stands out.

Taste-wise, we’re talking classic summer ale all the way. ¬†Oberon has a nondistinct citrus flavor on the front, I wanted to call it oranges but it was also a little bitter, as if lemon zest was in the glass. It was light and refreshing through the middle, with some indistinct spiciness. I tasted hops toward the end, and a long bitter hoppy aftertaste.

Overall, this is a pretty good beer. It’s definitely better on a hot day like today, crisp and refreshing, but no one aspect of it stands out to me. Rather, the Oberon has a bunch of decent attributes which combine quite well. The ABV is definitely manageable, at 5.8% ABV, so you can crush a few in one sitting.


Author: Silvio

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