Fisherman’s Bavarian Wheat

Fisherman's Bavarian Wheat

Tonight I’m off to New Hampshire to meet my mom for dinner. Lucky for you, I’ve queued up a review!

Fisherman's Bavarian Wheat

Fisherman’s Bavarian Wheat pours a creepy headless burnt orange color. It’s plenty carbonated, as you can see the endless bubbles flowing upwards. It simply doesn’t want to wear the foam hat apparently.

AND HOLY HELL BATMAN. The flavor is nothing of what I expected. It’s quite sour. This doesn’t taste like any other hefeweizen I’ve ever had. It’s a bit beyond description!

I don’t even know if I would buy it again. I’d probably try it again on tap if I was interested in a sour.


Fisherman's Bavarian Wheat

Author: Joshua Dion

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