Goose Island 312

Goose Island 312

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

The volume of comments on LIBA has drastically dropped over the last few months. HOWEVER, traffic is way up. I have to ask myself what’s up. Are people interested in reading, but not engaged enough to comment? Is that a bad thing? I see so many (non-beer) blogs that get dozens of comments…maybe the common beer fan just isn’t a comment kinda person?

Not a huge deal as I know a lot of beer bloggers who also don’t see a lot of comment volume. I’m mostly just curious as to what keeps folks from piping in.

Goose Island 312

My final beer of a three beer evening is Goose Island 312. It’s a pale wheat ale and it’s named after the 312 area code in Chicago.

This wheat beer looks more like a pilsner. Translucent and golden pee colored. Lots of fizziness too. The head is terrific – perfectly white, resembling whipped egg whites.

Despite the tricky look of the brew, this tastes nothing like a pilsner. The main flavor is a lemon. If I had some lemon wedges I would totally drop one in. I bet it would go perfectly. Accompanying the lemon are faint wheaty flavors. No hop action that I can detect.

A good summertime brew. I wouldn’t have trouble putting down a few of these.


Goose Island 312

Author: Joshua Dion

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