Goose Island 312

Goose Island 312

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

The volume of comments on LIBA has drastically dropped over the last few months. HOWEVER, traffic is way up. I have to ask myself what’s up. Are people interested in reading, but not engaged enough to comment? Is that a bad thing? I see so many (non-beer) blogs that get dozens of comments…maybe the common beer fan just isn’t a comment kinda person?

Not a huge deal as I know a lot of beer bloggers who also don’t see a lot of comment volume. I’m mostly just curious as to what keeps folks from piping in.

Goose Island 312

My final beer of a three beer evening is Goose Island 312. It’s a pale wheat ale and it’s named after the 312 area code in Chicago.

This wheat beer looks more like a pilsner. Translucent and golden pee colored. Lots of fizziness too. The head is terrific – perfectly white, resembling whipped egg whites.

Despite the tricky look of the brew, this tastes nothing like a pilsner. The main flavor is a lemon. If I had some lemon wedges I would totally drop one in. I bet it would go perfectly. Accompanying the lemon are faint wheaty flavors. No hop action that I can detect.

A good summertime brew. I wouldn’t have trouble putting down a few of these.


Goose Island 312

Author: Joshua Dion

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13 thoughts on “Goose Island 312”

  1. I just bought a six pack of this while I was in NY to prepare for a trip later in the summer to Chicago. I agree that a lemon wedge would taste great and maybe a slice of pizza. It’s a really enjoyable beer.

    1. I think a trip to Chicago is probably on my to-do list for 2012.

      And I couldn’t agree more about the slice of pizza. Damn…now I want pizza!


    1. It’s too bad it was my third review of the night. I ended up pouring out the last couple of sips simply because I was full on beer!


  2. Okay okay, I heard your request for comments and came running. It was like the LIBA version of the Bat-signal.

    The reason I haven’t been commenting as much is basically time… I will read your reviews in about a minute or two, but to log in and do a comment (and solve the little ‘captcha’ puzzle below) takes at least 5+ minutes. I usually read you in my Google blog reader page, too.

    This beer sounds fascinating. I’ll have to try it. In my opinion, one of the hardest things for brewers is to make a pilsner or a lager that is interesting to drink. Usually they are very one-dimensional and boring, if not outright bland. Goose Island is a great brewer so I’ll have to give this a try.

    What’s your favorite Goose Island beer, would you say?

  3. Never seen this before in Denver where I reside it sounds great for a summer day. I just stumpled upon your blog keep up the good work

  4. This post doesn’t seem to be hurting for comments, but let me add one anyway. Blogger has changed my interface like 30 times in the past few months, so I can never find my favorites list which is on that dashboard. I still try to comment around when something catches my eye.

    This is a simple beer, had it a few times and not bad, though it is not available in Florida.

    Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but this beer is now owned by the evil empire. That doesn’t bother me, but lots of people are up in arms. Anyway, could help with that “not available in Florida” problem I mentioned.

    1. Anyone who hates Goose Island simply because AB-Inbev now own them is dumb. Now, if as a result the quality of the beer tanks (something I doubt will happen), then people can get angry.

      I think we’re on the same page here, so I’m preaching to the choir. :)


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