Left Hand Good Juju and Breckenridge SummerBright Ales

This week I gave Silvio access to LIBA to post on his own each Saturday (and whenever he wants really). It was a big deal because LIBA has been completely under my control since it’s inception and I have nits about how things get done. Well, Silvio posted today’s post below without a hitch and I’m happy I let him take control to post. The only thing I didn’t think about was how to identify the post as his; I always do these intros for him. I decided to edit his post today to add the intro. Going forward I have an idea on how everyone can always know who is posting. Enough gab though…Silvio…

Wifey always tells me that when I start bragging on how awesome something is going, the exact opposite is bound to happen. For instance, while on a road trip I’ll say, “I can’t believe we haven’t hit any traffic.” Boom – we run into a traffic jam.

Once again her theory came true, but this time it’s with review beers. Last week I mentioned how I’ve been on a hot streak of reviewing really good beers, and when I picked up Breckenridge Brewery’s SummerBright Ale and Left Hand Brewery’s Good Juju, I thought: lead-pipe lock to continue the streak.


I started with the Good Juju. The label, besides really cool artwork label, said the beer was brewed with ginger, sounds awesome, right? Nope. The pour was totally flat, with no foam head or carbonation at all. I honestly wondered if it had gone flat.

Color wise, we’re talking Mott’s Apple Juice all the way. I had to really strain to smell any aroma, and eventually got hints of ginger. That’s also where the flavor nets out – a sharp, fresh ginger taste at the start, but pretty much no other taste.

Bummed, I moved onto the SummerBright. It’s brewed with orange and lemon peel, and sounded like the best way to crush the ridiculous heat outside. Meh. The pour was definitely better, with a cloudy high yellow color and decent foam head, but a super citrusy smell.

The first taste was pretty good, with lots of lemon at the start, and a mellow orange going into the middle, but not much other than that. In fact, it was a bit watery with a stale aftertaste which really stuck around in my mouth.

Both beers were pretty disappointing, but the SummerBright was less of a disappointment, like the a kid who you think will be a Hall-of-Famer, but instead never makes it out of the minor leagues. I feel like I’m missing something, or my beers somehow went flat in the fridge – has anyone had a good experience with these brews?


Author: Silvio

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