Opa-Opa Light

Opa-Opa Light

Banged out another stressful day at work. Mid-day I got an interesting voice mail from Ben Roesch, master brewer at Wormtown Brewery (Worcester, MA). He wants me to come by the brewery to chat. I’m calling him back tomorrow to set something up, so look for an article about Wormtown real soon!

Back at the range…

I’m kicking off the evening with some Opa-Opa light lager. The Opa-Opa brews I’ve had thus far have not impressed me. But I always say that your mood, the weather, and a million other factors go into whether you’ll enjoy a beer; maybe those other times I wasn’t in “the zone”. Tonight I feel great. The weather is muggy and enjoyable. And what goes better with weather like this than a light brew?

The Opa-Opa is light alright…in color. The flavor is surprisingly bold. Lots of lager characteristics here. Buttery! Smooth as all hell.

DING DING! We have a winner. I’m digging the Opa-Opa Light.

DING DING! Dinner bell is ringing. and…

DING DING! “The Fighter” is on the tube.

Must be a DING DING kinda night!


Opa-Opa Light

Author: Joshua Dion

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