Pike Double IPA

Day 1 of operation party-time is done with. Had a great time at my sister-in-law’s place yesterday. I probably drank a tad too much and spent too much time in the sun, but it was all in good fun. Today we’re off to our friends Sean & Kerry’s place for another bash. Silvio’s got the blogging covered for today. Silvio…

Pike Double IPA

This has been a crazy week, and I’m in serious holiday-weekend relaxation mode, so today’s review is short and sweet. I was in Seattle again, this time on a work trip, and while it was great to see some friends and visit Elysian Brewery once more, two cross-country flights in three days makes for a jet-lagged reviewer.

In honor of my triumphant return to the Emerald City, I’m cracking open a 22-ounce Pike’s Brewing Company Double IPA. Pike is a Seattle-based beer, and I’ve heard lots of good things about their beer. I didn’t get a chance to try Pike on draft when in town, but a 22 will work just fine at home.

Pike Double IPA

The brew pours out like apple cider, a cloudy golden color, and has a faint hoppy aroma that I had to strain to smell. The foam head was decent, only one finger, but it stuck around.

Taste-wise, this is an interesting IPA. It’s definitely got serious hops kick, but it’s quite mellow and well balanced with malts, but without the overly malted sweetness I’ve gotten in these balanced hops-malts beers. Through the middle, I got some orangey-citrus notes, which blended nicely into a piney long bitter note.

Overall, this is a good but not great beer. I’d definitely try it again, and recommend it to anyone who like a full hops flavor but without the serious bitterness. It’s strong at 8% ABV, so one or two will really get you going down the hill to Hammered Town. :)

Happy Fourth of July everyone – be safe and drink some good beers at those barbeques this weekend!


Pike Double IPA

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