Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Samuel Adams Boston Ale

I’m jut coming off a sweet summery weekend. On Saturday we spent the evening in Boston with friends – dinner at The Other Side Cafe and then Billiards/Shuffleboard/Bowling/Skee Ball at Kings. Throw in some drinks and it was an awesome time. Sunday was spent by the pool at the in-laws (celebrating father-in-law’s birthday) and followed up with some epic pinball playing at The Pinball Wizard. Love me some Adams Family Pinball!

Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Tonight I’m once again working on my wife’s PC. The piece of crap has issues every 6-8 weeks on the button. I’m an hour into the repair and praying I’ve got it figured out.

The PCP repair is being paired with some Sam Adams Boston Ale. I don’t recall ever drinking the beer before. It’s an unremarkable beer at best. It’s a reddish amber color with average head. Light-ish in body. Somewhere in the middle of the taste you get a stingy hop taste which immediately (and quite mysteriously) disappears. It doesn’t fade due to malty sweetness…it just goes away. There is no aftertaste and, short of a burp here or there, the beer has no character following the swallow.


Oh, and the PC fix I was attempting did nothing to solve the problem. F my life….


Samuel Adams Boston Ale

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