Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Tonight is going to be another beer marathon, another 3 review evening. But alas, you folks don’t get to read all the posts tonight. I’ll be busy the next two evenings, so the posts will be scheduled for then.

Tomorrow evening I’m meeting my mother for dinner. She lives in Vermont and we’re meeting half way for food and to give me my birthday beer which she has held hostage since April. (She’s an avid LIBA reader and I’m trying to get a rise out of her)

Thursday night we’re off to the in-laws to drop off our dog. Doggy day-car while we are in NYC this coming weekend.

On to the brew for tonight – Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. Prior to my beer blogging days, I occasionally enjoyed this stuff. I was known to buy a six pack a couple times each summer. I’m interested to find out if I still dig the stuff.

Since I started blogging cherry beer has rarely sat well with me. The stuff always seems to taste like cough syrup. This Sammy Cherry Wheat isn’t bad in that department. Just a touch of that Nyquil flavor. It’s a relatively light brew. Sugary sweet, but not syrupy as a result. If you’re looking for hops, you’re barking up the wrong cherry tree. The most remarkable thing about the beer is the smell…like a cherry bomb in your nose.

Overall, I’m OK with the beer. I don’t think I’d ever buy a six pack, but then again I rarely buy a six pack unless I’m completely in love with something. If you’re not into sweet or not into cherry, stay far far away!


Author: Joshua Dion

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