Samuel Adams Light

Samuel Adams Light

I’m in New York City. Woooot!

At least that’s what I expect to be saying when you’re reading this. I’m writing this post 24 hours earlier. I’m actually sitting in my livingroom…wearing basketball shorts…and no shirt. As I think about my next line, my hand uncontrollably lands on my crotch in true manly fashion. Hot eh? In any event, I wanted to queue up a post or two for while I am gone. Hopefully while I’m in NYC I’ll be visiting some cool beer bars and be bringing back some good intel.

For now, you must endure my review of Sammy Light. Despite being from the greater Boston area, I rarely drink Sam Lager and I never drink Sam Light. This is probably the 5th bottle I’ve ever drank.

The Light version is a funny little beer. Compared to a Bud Light or a Coors Light, this thing isn’t light at all. A craft beer fan would just call it a super drinkable beverage. Drinkers of Bud or Coors will be shocked at how much flavor the Sammy brings to the table. Caramelish malts are the primary flavor. Smooth and creamy. Not much in the way of bitterness.

I dunno about this one. It’s almost chuggable light, but not quite. However, if I really wanted to chug, I’d probably buy Coors. Not sure if I have a “use case” for this brew…


Samuel Adams Light

Author: Joshua Dion

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