Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Dear everyone,

I’m writing today to say that I’m ridiculously excited for this weekend. We have not one, not two, but THREE cookouts to go to. One cookout each day of the long weekend. I’m dry humping the couch cushions with excitement.



P.S. xoxo

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

To pair with the furniture loving, I’m popping open a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. It’s an American IPA. It’s probably going to be too hoppy, but screw it…short of the beer being laced with turd or vomit, nothing can bring me down on a night like tonight.

The head on the Torpedo is fantastic. It reminds me of the consistency of head you would see on a stout or porter. Nothing remarkable for color of the beer.

I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that this is a super balanced IPA. It’s got a lot of hoppy character which is balanced out in the end with some malty sweetness. The hops are a mix of piney, citrus, and floral…not bad!

This beer is straight-up solid and is a fantastic way to get my weekend started. I would recommend this to hop heads first and suggest it for someone looking for a brew that’s a bit more hoppy than a pale ale, but not uber intense.

Now I sit in anticipation waiting for my wife to read this post…her reaction to my upholstery commentary is going to be priceless.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Author: Joshua Dion

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