Six Point Sweet Action

Wifey is off at yoga. I’m spending the evening watching sports, playing video games, and drinking beer. Yup…in 10 years I’m going to be a fat shlub and she’s still going to be smoking hot. I really should find some kind of exercise that excites me.

Running was working out last year until the chest pains started.

Biking – well, you need a bike for that and bikes are like 40 bazilliondy dollars these days.

Lifting weights – psshhh, right. These guns were built for lifting beers.

Aerobics or cardio – boooorinnnng.

And I’m not paying for a gym membership that I know damn well I’ll never use. My apartment complex AND my employer both have free gyms and I’m not even using those! If only I could combine beer drinking, blogging, and exercise into one activity…hmmmmmm….

Tonight I’m excited to try my first ever beer from Six Point. Many people in Massachusetts are rejoicing that this stuff is finally being distributed; previously we could only get it on draft in a limited number of bars. I have to admit that I’m coming into the review with that “this shit is far too over-hyped” attitude…

The brew in my glass is a tall-boy’s worth of Sweet Action, a cream ale. Popping the can top I get a nose-full of piney hops. Smells straight up like a hoppy-ass pale ale.

The taste brings a ton of hoppage which is counteracted well by a sugary sweetness….a sweetness I can only assume comes from the lactose they likely added to make this a cream ale.

Sweet Action is not only a good name, it’s a fantastic description of the beer. It’s smooth as all hell and is packed full of character. It is well balanced, although still not for those who are hops-averse…”the bitter” is lurking here. I’m pumped to try the other two Six Point brews in the fridge.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.