Baird Toshi Ishii

Today I have a guest reviewer for LIBA readers – Brandon, a beer buddy who I have mentioned more than a couple times on the blog. I expect you’ll be hearing more from Brandon in the coming weeks!

Baird Toshi Ishii

After a long day of relaxing and attending Julio’s Liquors Belgian Beer Fest with the author of this blog, Josh (and some other local craft beer-a-holics Norman Miller and Rob Beland), I decided to crack open a bottle of something I bought today at Julio’s. A collaboration beer between Japan’s Baird Brewing, Toshi Ishii (former Stone Brewer) and Stone called “Japanese Grean Tea IPA”. Josh mentioned that he’d like for me to become a regular reviewer on this here blog (which is pretty damn awesome, isn’t it?), and I thought long and hard about it this evening. I’m not sure if I can become a regular reviewer, but I’m going to try extremely hard to write at least once every couple weeks. When I cracked this one open, I thought this would be the perfect beer to review.

So… let’s get on to the review.

I know, I know. Green Tea and beer? Sounds disgusting! Well, its not, and in fact its one of the more pleasant collaboration
beers I’ve ever had. I’ve never had a beer brewed with tea, but if they all taste this good, then I have a new favorite style for summer.

This beer is dry hopped with Japanese Sencha Green Tea, amongst some different variations of hops.Hops are really dominant in most of the Stone beers I have had, but this one it takes a back seat. The sweet, minty taste of green tea is very prominent, but not over-bearing. There is a decent bitterness, but not one you’d expect with an IPA. There is very little malt character in this beer. Again, I’m getting a lot of minty tea flavors and a little citrus.

May I also add that this beer is 9.2 ABV! You honestly wouldn’t know.

I recommend this for any hop-head that’s looking to try something new and refreshing, but I would recommend drinking it before it gets to cool outside (but hey, what do I know).

Cheers all, see you back here soon.


Author: Joshua Dion

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