Flying Fish Exit 13

Today is my wife’s birthday. 31 beautiful years young. Last night we went out with friends to celebrate. We hung out in Allston, MA.

First we had vegan pizza at peace o’ pie. Then we hit up Deep Ellum a couple doors down for drinks. We sat on the patio and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. I enjoyed a Notch Session Pils….currently all the rage here in Massachusetts.

As usual, I took some creepy photos of myself.

Later in the evening we walked down to Big City and finished off our evening. I enjoyed some Six Point Sweet Action.

Flying Fish Exit 13

Back at the ranch, the festivities continued. model Michelle crashed at our house. We stayed up until the wee hours playing Left-Right-Center and drinking beers.

Flying Fish Exit 13

Michelle is a Big fan of co-reviewing beers with me, and she insisted we do a 2:30am review. I broke out a bottle of Flying Fish Exit 13 Chocolate Stout…a brew my mom gave me for my birthday back in April.

Flying Fish Exit 13

The Exit 13 is a delicious specimen. Full of roasted flavors. Chocolatey smell and chocolatey flavor. Michelle thought it tasted more like coffee (which I could see). She thought it would make a great after dinner drink.

I thought it was a good example of a chocolate stout. It wasn’t fancy, or awe inspiring. Just plain good.


Flying Fish Exit 13

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