Left Hand Stranger

Left Hand Stranger

I’m REALLY looking forward to this weekend. I’m going to a bachelor party which runs for most of the weekend. I can’t get into details right now, as it’s a surprise for my buddy Kevin, the groom. The rat prick never reads the blog, but God knows if I spilled the beans on the trip, today would be the day he started reading. I’ll make sure to provide details to my readers on Monday.

Left Hand Stranger

Tonight is REALLY muggy out. The temps are in the low 70s but it feels like it’s 90 out. Strange weather. Probably has something to do with the impending hurricane action coming out way.

It seems like a perfect night for a refreshing pale ale – Left Hand Stranger.

Left Hand Stranger

The brew has a delicious citrusy aroma. The flavors are perfectly balanced. There are plenty of hops – citrus and pine, but the malty sweetness evens everything out perfectly. A long but mild piney aftertaste makes sure you haven’t forgot that this is a pale ale.

For the moment, this is one of my favorite pale ales! Highly recommended.


Left Hand Stranger

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  1. Can’t wait to read about the bachelor party weekend. As for this beer, I thought it was terrific. I might have to grab it again tonight.

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