Port City Monumental IPA

Growler? I hardly know her!

I’ve got a soft spot on my beer palate for local brews in general, and local Virginia beers in particular, so it’s with great excitement I introduce Alexandria, Virginia’s (where I live) own Port City Brewing Company to LIBA nation!

I’ve seen six packs of these beers around town, and my buddy Erik is a devotee of their growlers, so I figured it was time to give them their due on Silvio Saturday. Wifey and I stopped by their non-descript brewery and picked up a growler of their Monumental IPA. We also met the brewery’s owner, Bill Butcher, and discussed a future brewery tour – stay tuned for further details!

Anyway, back to the beer. I was immediately impressed, starting with the pour. Even after two days in the refrigerator, and a few instances of wifey’s “sampling,” the Monumental was still perfectly carbonated, and a beautiful two-finger creamy foam head crowned my glass well after I had a few sips. The beer was a dark copper, crystal clear color, and the aroma mellow and hoppy.

If you like IPAs, but don’t like to be crushed with bitter heavy hops, this is the brew for you. The flavor started out crisp and mellow, with some citrus through the middle, and ended on a piney even note. There’s no bitter long end note, and it had a nice light mouthfeel. Basically, as soon as I was finished one sip, I wanted another one. That’s a good thing, because the 6.3% ABV means you can drink a few and not get hammered.

Port City has only been in business since the beginning of 2011, but they’re already featured in 170 stores, restaurants, and bars in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. I give the Monumental a full endorsement, and look forward to trying their other three brews as soon as possible.



Author: Silvio

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