Port Old Viscosity Ale

Port Old Viscocity Ale

This afternoon I’m sitting down with my buddy Brandon to co-review a beer. Brandon, who I met through twitter well over a year ago, has quickly become a good friend of mine. Have you ever made a good friend through social media? How awesome is that?

We just came back from the Julio’s Belgian Beer Fest, which was a great time. I was down there with a handful of other twitter buddies including Norm the Beer nut and his buddy Rob. Tomorrow I’ll have a post up recapping the event.

Port Old Viscocity Ale

Back at the homestead, Brandon and I are drinking a Port Old Viscosity Ale. I picked up this brew at Julio’s after the fest. I figured I would go with something robust since we had been drinking spicy/sour Belgians all afternoon.

Port Old Viscocity Ale

Old Viscosity is a monster beer, an imperial porter of the 10% ABV ilk. It’s a complex beer with both hoppy and roasted malt characteristics. Brandon said it best when he said it was a “mix between porter and black IPA”. Norm warned us that the flavors would be huge and that we shouldn’t expect to try any beers after this. He was right!

We both agreed that it was an OK beer – not bad, but also not great. Neither of us would buy it again.

Many thanks to Brandon for joining me for a beer this afternoon! Maybe someday I’ll meet his fabled wife and child. Norm and I are certain they don’t exist…


Port Old Viscocity Ale

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