Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve

Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve

Man, what a busy week. I’ve been absent from the blog the last few evenings for various reasons…

Tuesday night I was just straight up lazy.
Wednesday night I was out of town, seeing the band Cinderella in concert. Got back at 2:00am.
Thursday night I was out getting sized for a tux and going out to eat with the groom and other groomsmen. Got back at 10pm, exhausted.

Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve

So I’m back at it tonight, reviewing the third of four birthday gifts from my mom – Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve. This stuff poured with a head that fizzed like soda. After it stopped fizzing, a super light head settled in. Very strange!

It smells like fruity madness. I’m fully expecting a monstrously sweet flavor.

I’m surprised to find out that it’s actually light and no where near as sugary as I expected. It’s highly carbonated, somewhat explaining the fizzy head. The style really isn’t my thing, but I’ll be honest – the stuff isn’t half bad.


Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve

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