Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat

Wolavers Wildflower Wheat

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since I last posted. Except for vacations this is just about as long as I have ever gone between posts. I’ve been insane busy. In particular, this past weekend I was at a bachelor party for my buddy Kevin. AWESOME times.

Before I get to the details, let’s bang out a much needed beer review…

I’m sucking down this Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat. I had reservations just looking at the label and name. I’m NOT a fan of herbal beers, and so the prospect of “wildflower” did not excite me.

It’s not bad though. There is a slight herbal taste to it…hibiscus flower and honey. No flowery smell whatsoever. The honey comes through the strongest, softening the impact of the more exotic flavors.

I wouldn’t buy a six pack of the stuff. In fact, I wouldn’t buy the stuff again, period. It’s just not my bag baby. Interesting and unique though, and if you’re into the herb/flower beer scene this is a must try.

Wolavers Wildflower Wheat

Now, as promised – bachelor party details!

We all [separately] drove up to southern NH EARLY Saturday morning. I got up at 5:00am to make sure I dropped the customary pre-drive deuce and then make it up there for 7:15. We all hopped on a bus bound for Connecticut. I cracked my first beer at 8:30am. By the time we got to the golf course (destination #1) I was two beers and a flask-swig or two deep. I had already pissed three times on the bus…stupid 9-year-old-girlish bladder!

We played 18 holes. The beer cart had Narragansett tall boys, two for $6. WINNING! I think I had four…or maybe 6? The fun level was ramping at this point. Kevin had been drinking margaritas all morning and was now fully wasted, tearing around in a golf cart. Up until that point I had never seen anyone do donuts in a golf cart before. He also took a downhill curve too fast, taking the cart off-road and wiping out a sign. Hilarious!

Dinner was served at the clubhouse. So was beer. And then we left, headed for Mohegan Sun Casino. Straight to the craps table all 13 of us went. $85, 15 minutes. *flush* Down the crapper. I stormed off to find video poker; I study video poker strategy as a hobby. I got all $85 back initially. Following 3 Captain Morgan’s on the rocks, I proceeded to lose money again. I ended up $130 down for the whole trip. NONE of the guys came back positive. Hurray for rich Native Americans!

Dinner at the casino consisted of pizza and, you guessed it, pitchers of beer. It was back to the bus after dinner. On the trip home we watched the movie Step Brothers and worked at polishing off what was left in the cooler.

Back in NH, a bunch of us crashed at Kevin’s brother’s house. Before crashing, we stayed up until 3:30am playing the drinking game Asshole. I had lost track of drinking at that point. Somewhere around 2:30 I started drinking water…I knew I was in for trouble.

Sunday was a travesty. I woke up, opened one eye to the light, and realized I was in for one hell of a hangover. Any seasoned drinker knows what I’m talking about. The aroma of stale beer coming out of your pores, taking rancid craps every couple of hours that smell like aluminum and dead bodies, gas that makes everyone including you gag, and that horrible feeling of general malaise. I had it all. A small price for a fantastic party.

I limped back home Sunday morning and proceeded to sleep the ENTIRE afternoon away. I woke up at 5pm, watched a movie, and then went back to bed for good at 8pm.

It was probably the best bachelor party I’ve been to. Great times and good company. I wish I could get out an do that crazy shit more often!


Wolavers Wildflower Wheat

Author: Joshua Dion

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