Yards Saison

It’s been a while since I made a proper beer run. Crazy work weeks and weekend activities have waylaid any plans I’ve made to stock back up for about a month, but I finally got a break and headed out to my local beer store last night. I noticed someone got creative with a magic marker at the store – usually this is a great gag, but on good old Sam, this is an awful insult (even though he looks kind of cool).

Sam gets his Captain on

It was a great haul, and I’m now fully stocked up, including a new brew from one of my favorite craft brands – Yards Brewery. Dedicated readers know I’m quite a fan of Yards’, and when I came across their Saison, I had to have it.

This is a golden-style ale, brewed with Belgian malts and sugar, rocking a 6.5% ABV. The pour looked great, cloudy and golden yellow, with some light carbonation and a decent foam head that went away within a minute or so.

The smell was pretty much what I expected, a nice mix of spices and a tangy sweet aroma (maybe passionfruit?). Tastewise, it exceeded expectation. I tasted spices all around with coriander up front and a bit of pepper on the back. The candied sugar definitely came through in the middle, and balanced out the spiciness.

Overall, another winner from Yards. It wasn’t as unique as some of their brews can be (like the incomparable Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce) but definitely a solid Belgian to try in a mixed six. I don’t think I’d recommend more than a few in one sitting, but it’s worth taking for a spin.


Author: Silvio

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