Founders Brewery Old Curmudgeon Ale

This was a surprisingly rough week. I was in San Francisco on the final leg of my California vacation Monday and Tuesday (I snuck in a brewery review while away, stay tuned), but took a red-eye back to D.C. and it totally screwed the rest of my week. Fortunately, Friday was a chill night of drinking beers and watching old Mad Men episodes with wifey.

I was crazy psyched about one of the beers I drank, and revved up to review it…until I realized Josh already profiled Founders Brewery’s Old Curmudgeon Ale in 2009. However, he had a pretty negative experience, chalked up to the bottle possibly going bad, so I wanted to show a little love for the 2011 version.

Let’s start with the pour. For me, it was great – a dark mahogany color, tons of suspended sediment in the glass, and a nice creamy yellow foamy head. The aroma piqued my interest with a straight bourbon-beer style smell.

This guy knows the score.

I love bourbon, and the taste definitely delivered on the aroma’s promise. I immediately got bourbon flavor on the front of the taste, with oaky and malted flavors through the middle, and some hints of chocolate toward the end. The brew wasn’t carbonated, and I had to remind myself I was drinking beer and not Makers Mark.

Overall I couldn’t like this beer any more. It’s smooth, drinkable, tasty, and not as sweet as I expected. There was a little alcohol burn toward the end, which wasn’t a surprise given the 9.8% ABV, but it’s a complimentary kick to the overall smoothness. 


Author: Silvio

I like beer.