Mystic Saison

Mystic Saison

I’m baaaaaaaack. After being terribly absent from the blog, I’m making my triumphant return. I could give the excuse that things were busy, but at the end of the day my lack of posting was due to me being lazy. I indeed had a lot going on, but I could have made time to post.

The biggest recent event was my buddy Kevin’s wedding this past weekend, which I was in. The wedding was an awesome time and I’m very happy for Kevin and his wife Emily. The rat-prick is in Hawaii right now.

My wife is telling me it’s “National Drink a Beer Day”, so I guess I picked the right day to get back into the blogging. I’m celebrating the holiday with this Saison from Mystic Brewery. This is a new brewery in Massachusetts and the Saison was their first beer.

I’m finally getting a chance to drink out of my bad ass Stone glass that I picked up this summer. I’m able to fit the entire bomber of Saison into the glass!

This beer came HIGHLY recommended by a number of people. Saison is a style I’m only vaguely familiar with. That said, I know what to expect from the style. I can’t recall having a saison that blew my mind. In fact, I couldn’t tell you the last saison I reviewed…no idea.

The Mystic brew is good. It’s got a fluffy egg-white-like head and a spicy aroma. The brew is stuffed full of peppery spicy flavors. A fruity sweetness blends in for a taste that seems right in line with what I expect from a saison. Good? Yup – I’m going to drink the shit out of it. Great? I dunno…


Mystic Saison

Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Mystic Saison”

  1. Dude, that Stone glass is awesome. Gotta get me one of those.

    That Mystic Saison sounds quite good, I’ll have to give it a try if I see it somewhere. I find the saison style really hit or miss, but when they’re good they can be very interesting.

    Speaking of, I just recently had the Avery Eighteen ale, a “dry-hopped rye saison”. Have you had this? I loved last year’s Avery Seventeen (their anniversay ales are always one-offs), which was a dry-hopped black IPA type thing. So I picked up the Eighteen, and I have to say I really loved it. Very interesting, different from most beers you’ve had, drinkable but still had a good complexity of flavors going on. One of the best saison style beers I’ve ever had.

    Anyway welcome back to the blog! Keep the good beers coming.

    1. Royce:

      I haven’t heard of the Avery Eighteen Ale. Sounds interesting though. Anytime someone says they know of a unique beer, I’m always interested!


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