New Belgium Trippel

My house is buzzing with activity in preparation for the first annual Maracci-fest, to be held tonight in our backyard. It’s a combination birthday party for Wifey, housewarming party for our new(ish) crib, and pregame to our visit to Munich for Octoberfest next week. I made a massive beer and liquor run (three and a half cases and assorted spirits) and I know two friends are bringing over their homebrewed black IPA. Feels like a recipe for an epic party!

To get warmed up, last night I cracked a bomber of New Belgium’s Trippel, feeling good that it featured Munich hops, among others. I felt certain Josh or I must have reviewed a New Belgium, but was surprised to see this is the first time one’s been written up on LIBA.

I was greeted with an insanely fluffy foam head, at least two fingers tall, and a spicy sweet aroma with some hop notes in the background. The beer was a clear golden color, and looked crazy good.

The first sip was a little perfumey, but definitely hoppy. I tasted a bit too much alcohol behind the hops, much more than I expected with a 7.8% ABV. Through the middle, I got the spicy notes I expected, with lots of Coriander and a little bit of malty sweetness toward the end. The brew was really drinkable with a light mouthfeel and faint fruity aftertaste. I couldn’t place it but Wifey thought it tasted like plums.

Overall, this was a good, but not great Belgian-style. I had hoped for more spices, and maybe a bit more of a mellow hops flavor, but it’s defininitely drinkable and worth trying if you run across one.


Author: Silvio

I like beer.