Dark Horse Perkulator

Dark Horse Perkulator

This weekend I was as sick as an Fing dog. At first I thought it was my IBS flaring up. Now in hind-sight, I feel like it must have been a stomach bug or something I ate on Friday. In any event, I was miserable all day Saturday and Sunday.

I didn’t let it completely get me down, as I attended the Wormtown Oktoberfest on Saturday night with Norm and Brandon.

Dark Horse Perkulator

The Oktoberfest party was (frankly) a little odd. It was held in the function area at the Worcester train station and was decorated like a wedding. Lots of tables with white linen and latice fence type dealies for walls. 12 ounce beers and food items were $5 each. That was after people paid $10 to get in. The live bands were just OK. I had three beers and a pretzel before we bailed and headed over to Dive Bar in Worcester for another beer before heading home.

By the end of the night I had managed to forget about my messed up digestive track. Sunday morning I woke up and realized that a night of drinking definitely didn’t help my stomach issues….

Dark Horse Perkulator

This morning I woke up feeling like new. After work I even banged out a 3 mile run, feeling great afterwards. Now I’m sitting down to drink this Dark Horse Perkulator.

When I popped the cap, I got very excited; this beer smells amazing. It was like 5 little elves were inside the bottle with 5 mini Keurig machines! The beer is relatively light in terms of body and has a watery mouth feel. The flavors are bold – bitter and roasted. Coffee is the only flavor I’m picking up, and that’s OK with me!

A delicious treat, although pretty bold. You better like roasted coffee flavors if you’re going to try this beer!


Dark Horse Perkulator

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