Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

What a great day it was today. Sure, I had to work on Columbus Day, but whatever. Work was slow with lots of people out, and I got a ton of work done. After work I banged out a 3 mile run in this lingering 80 degree weather. Felt great afterward. Must have sweat off 2 pounds!

Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

After a light dinner and working on a presentation for work I’m now watching the Dukes of Hazard movie. Yes, I fully expect it to suck. However, I watched a TON of the TV show when I was a kid and I’m already getting nostalgia and I’m only 5 minutes in. Accompanying the flick is this Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti.

Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

I previously tried the straight-up Yeti, the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, and the Expresso Oak Aged Yeti; trying this Belgian Yeti was an obvious choice.

The brew comes across as mainly roasty. I’m not picking up as much bitter as you might expect. I did let it warm up for probably 20 minutes before drinking, which could have let the sweetness come out. There is a faint fruitiness to the beer, giving it the Belgian-ness. No Belgian spiciness to speak of.

It’s an interesting beer with lots of character. In a blind taste test I’d NEVER guess what the style is. It could be confused with other stouts and porters.


Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

Author: Joshua Dion

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  1. Nice review. I’m a fan of the Yeti beer line but have never had this one. I like how they do so many variations.

    Also, I continue to be jealous of your giant Stone beer glass.

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