Gritty’s Halloween Ale

Gritty's Halloween Ale

Tonight’s agenda:

  1. This past weekend’s highlight.
  2. This coming weekend’s plans.
  3. I review this Gritty’s Halloween Ale.

Gritty's Halloween Ale

This past weekend I helped out Norman, who was hosting his second annual Beernut Home Brewing Contest. The event was pretty epic. 61 submissions. Unfortunately I mostly only watched and didn’t partake in much beer (wasn’t feeling well). My contributions did earn LIBA a mention in the Metrowest Daily News though!

Gritty's Halloween Ale

This coming weekend I will be in New Hampshire. Every year during this particular weekend me and my old college buddies get together to pretend we are 20 again. The excuse behind the debauchery? Toasting our friend Dan who died in a car accident in 2007. RIP good friend. Dan would be proud of the parties we throw in his honor.

This year is particularly interesting as my Coors Light chugging buddies have made the switch to craft beer (I take some credit for influence here). In addition to the 1/2 keg of Coors Light, there will be a 1/6 keg of Dogfish Head Punkin and probably another 1/6 keg of another craft beer.

I’m very excited for Saturday to come around, but also quite fearful of the Sunday morning hangover!

Gritty's Halloween Ale

Tonight, following getting back from class, I’m chugging down this Gritt’s Halloween Ale. I totally bought this beer because of the bad ass label. Well done Gritty’s. Going into the first sip, I didn’t know what the style was – I expected pumpkin or fest. My first impression was “bitter!”. Second impression: “Earthy!”. Still unsure of the style, I Googled to find out it’s an Extra Special Bitter (ESB). YUP! This is definitely a bitter, and a well done bitter at that. As it warms, a little bit of caramel maltiness joins with the bitter earthiness for a great mix of flavors.

This is one tasty beer!


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6 thoughts on “Gritty’s Halloween Ale”

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Keep the spooky names and Halloween artwork, but please stop brewing pumpkin beers for your seasonals. There are only a couple of pumpkin beers worthy of being made. Everyone else should try something different, like these guys did with an ESB. I swear I thought this was going to be a pumpkin beer review and was pleased to be tricked.

  2. Ahem! You missed a weekend highlight, I think! Waltham pub crawl + Mexican train dominoes FTW. :)

    Jealous of the 1/6 keg of Punkin — that’s wicked awesome!

  3. A treat is to have Gritty’s Halloween on nitro! Discovered a few weeks back at their Portland pub & can’t get enough of it. So, I “forced” the husband to buy a growler of it after work this week, for us to have at home! He didn’t seem to mind my request!
    Cheers & Happy Halloween weekend, snow & all!

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