Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

After a slow day at work, running some errands with Melissa afterwards, making some quick dinner, and firing up the Bruin’s game on the TV, I’m ready for a beer.

Tonight I’m cracking open a bottle of Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red. I don’t know where this came from or how long I’ve had it. The other day Melissa said to me “You know you have another beer in the China cabinet, right?”. HECK NO, I DIDN’T! I think the China cabinet might be magic…

Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

At first I wasn’t excited about the prospects of this beer. As I read the label I got MUCH more excited. This is a wild ale, which means it’s potentially sour. If you follow the blog, you know I’ve been sour crazy for months. Now that I’m stoked to try this, let’s get the party started!

It smells plenty sour. It’s got the smell that would surely scare off the entry level craft beer drinker. The flavor is terrific. Although the label calls for Belgian, oak, and fruity tart flavors. The label is so very right. The tart flavor is more than just tart…this is a sour beer. The oak is just barely noticeable and adds a nice finishing taste.

For me, as a relative newcomer to sour beers, this brew is fan-freaking-tastic! HIGHLY recommended, assuming you like sours.


Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

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