Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan

Southern Tier Farmer's Tan

Yesterday we ran another 5k. It went well and the shin splints I had worried about didn’t hurt at all. I ran with Melissa again, so I wasn’t pushing myself. Next 5k I’m running my own pace, which should be interesting.

Southern Tier Farmer's Tan

Last night we had friends Adam and Elina over for some dinner and cards. Melissa made vegan risotto, garlic bread, and roasted broccoli. I made vegan chocolate chip cookies. Everything was damn tasty. Adam and I partook in some beerage while waiting for dinner to be finished.

Southern Tier Farmer's Tan

We co-reviewed some Sixpoint Bengali Tiger (review coming tomorrow) and this Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan. I had high hopes for the Farmer’s Tan; everything I try from Southern Tier that comes in a bomber I like, however everything from the brewery that comes in 120z bottles I don’t. Weird, eh?

Southern Tier Farmer's Tan

The Farmer’s Tan was piny with a giant malty backbone. It’s defined as a pale lager and registers in at a whopping 8.6% ABV.

Adam thought it was “scary drinkable” given the ABV. He really liked the beer overall.

I wasn’t let down and thoroughly enjoyed the beer as well. It’s perfectly balanced, resulting in bitter and sweet flavors arm-wrestling on your tongue – bitter, sweet, bitter, sweet, bitter….


Southern Tier Farmer's Tan

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4 thoughts on “Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan”

  1. I feel the same way about Southern Tier. The stuff I’ve had in 12oz bottles has been “meh” while the stuff in the bombers has always been, at the very least, really good. There’s only one I’ve had that I thought was terrible… the Cherry Saison, which I think they stopped making (if you want to try it, I have a bottle of it that I’m aging just for the sake of aging it because why not… it’s a bad beer anyway, what harm can aging do?).

    I haven’t been buying a ton of new beers lately while I’m on this weight loss kick. Once I get my weight under control, all bets are off. I will have to try this one though. I love a good lager.

    1. Jim:

      I’ve heard from at least one other person that they also agree about the Southern Tier Bomber versus 12 ounce analysis. Interesting. I had a conversation with Adam about this while we drank it. His guess was that they might just be better at their “big” (i.e. imperial style) beers. Makes complete sense to me.


      1. I don’t know if they’re “better” at making the bigger beers or not (generally if you can brew an excellent big beer, you can bring a good small beer). I think it might be that they just spend their resources (time and money) on the big beers rather than their normal beers. I don’t think I know of any other brewery that’s like that. Most others that do a big beer series also have a good standard lineup. Perhaps they consider their bigger beers to be their standard lineup along side their other offerings.

  2. Damn I am very intrigued by this one. I am very jealous of the fact that Southern Tier is widely available near you. I don’t see it hardly ever out here in Los Angeles. I always hear good things though.

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