Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale and Baird Red Rose Amber Ale

Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale

This weekend Melissa and I were up in Vermont visiting my family. In addition to seeing my most loyal reader (hi mom!) I got to see my brother, my step father, and my grandmother. Except for the lost sleep courtesy of our dog, we had a great time.

Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale

Mom hooked me up with some beer from Baird Brewing. It was a funny coincidence that Silvio reviewed a Baird beer yesterday. Mom gave me three bottles…only one of which survived long enough to make it back to Massachusetts. I cover the two that were victims of my thirst.

Baird Red Rose Amber

I tried the Baird Rising Sun pale ale first. This is one crisp beer. Loved it. It had mild floral hops up front with a long citrusy aftertaste. It was unique, but I couldn’t exactly put my finger on how or why.

Baird Red Rose Amber

I was less impressed with the Baird Red Rose amber ale. I was expecting the brew to be easy drinking and well balanced. What I got was a surprisingly bitter (piney) flavor. In my humble opinion, this amber was far too bitter for the style. In fact, I thought it tasted more like a pale ale and wished I had drank the Rising Sun pale in the same sitting so I could have compared the tastes more closely.

As with the Rising Sun pale, the Red Rose amber was extremely crisp and dry…qualities which ended up being the only saving grace for the Red Rose.

So in summary:
* Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale – yummy!
* Baird Red Rose Amber Ale – meh.


Baird Red Rose Amber

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