Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Kentucky Bourbon Ale

Dear Monday…you silly bastard you. Today I spite you by having a good day. I started you off with a fantastic 3 mile run. The work day went by quick and felt productive. After work I enjoyed catching up on The Walking Dead and The Ultimate Fighter. And now I have a delicious beer in my mug.

Your typical craptasticness couldn’t find its way to me this week. Suck it. Love, Lost

Kentucky Bourbon Ale

The beer in my mug is this Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. I’ve seen this beer at the liquor store but have hesitated to buy it since the brewery isn’t obvious from the label. Close inspection reveals it’s made by Alltech’s Lexington Brewering Co. Never heard of it. But you know what? I freaking love bourbon barrel aged beers, so we’re giving this one a go!

The beer smells mildly oaky and faintly bourbony. Not impressed based on the aroma or the lifeless look of the beer. The brew redeems itself quickly with a TERRIFIC bourbon flavor. It manages to cram in over 8% ABV without turning the beer into a malty sweet disaster. Bravo! Quite drinkable and delicious as all hell. I wouldn’t try downing a six pack of the stuff in one sitting, but I would totally buy a couple on tap if I happened to find it at a bar.


Kentucky Bourbon Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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17 thoughts on “Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale”

  1. A few months back I was in charge of gathering the beers for an evening with the gents and decided that I would make it a theme night. The theme was bourbon beers and this one was the first one we had. Of all the bourbon beers, this one was by far the most straightforward bourbon-flavored. It was probably slightly too bourbon-y for my tastes (at that point I kind of wish I was just drinking bourbon), as I like the flavor to blend with the beer’s flavoring, too. But I can’t fault them for selling what they said it was. It was an impressive beer in that respect.

  2. Lucky for me I live in Eastern Kentucky and can not only get the Ale in four-paks, about $11.00, but also on tap in a local restaurant. On tap it is just fantastic!

  3. Hello, I live south of Nashville. I am not one to normally go crazy about beer. On occasion when having a beer I would order Corona, Sam Adams.

    Last Friday at an after work meeting At Corabas I tried my first Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale on draft. What an awesome beer, which lead me to start looking to where I can find this. I will go to the brewery if I have to. I would like to have some on hand to share with family over the Holidays.

    How to I locate where to find this beer? Thanks in advance…

    1. Rusty:

      When trying to figure out where you can get a beer, I always recommend three steps:
      #1: Call your local liquor store. Ask them if they can get the beer you want.

      #2: If your liquor store can’t get the beer, ask them if their distributor might be able to. If yes, ask for contact info for the distributor and give them a ring.

      #3: Call the brewery. You can probably also contact them via their website, email, or social media (their Facebook page).


  4. I live in Lexington where Kentucky Ale is brewed and sold. The Regular Kentucky Ale on draft is my favorite, over the bourbon ale. The bourbon ale is more of a sipping ale. However, the company has been pushing the bourbon ale so much that many bars don’t carry the regular ale anymore. Plus, lately when I go into a bar or club and order the regular Ky ale, it seems to have a bourbon-like flavor to it that it didn’t used to have. I may be crazy, but I’m thinking that the bourbon somehow is seeping into all their ale now!

  5. I work in sales, based out of Austin, TX. But the territory I communicate with customers is in Ohio and Kentucky. I recently was up in Ohio on business and had some of this beer. It blew my mind in ways I never thought possible with beer. Heard one of my field agents was coming to Austin, I pleaded with him to bring some in his checked baggage. He didn’t disappoint. I so wish I could find a way to get this glorious ale down here to Texas.

    1. Just moved from Ohio to Austin. Craving some Kentucky bourbon ale (oh the things we miss). Many websites ship but not to Texas.

  6. Cannot find KBBA here in Florida, but recently found it in Atlanta.

    I, too, would like to see it find its way to Florida.

    Semper Watching!

      1. Two places:

        Hop City (Homebrew supplies, growlers, etc.
        NW Atlanta

        Westside Cafe…
        Lower end of Atlanta Rd, but likely not called atlanta Rd right there…

        Pizza, beer on tap, etc.

    1. It depends where you go in Florida. There is a great restaurant in Orlando called The Pub where they have the Bourbon Barrel Ale on tap.

      1. Found this beer at The Pub in Orlando…

        They have improved on it, by blending it with Angry Orchard cider beer….they call the result an Angry Kentucky. And it too, is wonderful!

  7. Love this beer, my daughter goes to UK for school and was turn on to it there. Best beer in the world in my eyes. Looking to buy a half barrel of it for home. Trying to get my local vendor to locate for me

  8. I live in East Tennessee and a friend of mine from Nashville turned me onto this beer. Glad he did and after having it on tap when I was in Lexington a while back its better on tap.
    Here in the whiskey belt when you want a drink of whiskey but would sometimes just rather have a cold beer this is the best of both worlds. I like them in the freezer for about 10 min then they are even smoother. Great after a hard day of Summer time play. Very satisfying!

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