Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Kentucky Bourbon Ale

Dear Monday…you silly bastard you. Today I spite you by having a good day. I started you off with a fantastic 3 mile run. The work day went by quick and felt productive. After work I enjoyed catching up on The Walking Dead and The Ultimate Fighter. And now I have a delicious beer in my mug.

Your typical craptasticness couldn’t find its way to me this week. Suck it. Love, Lost

Kentucky Bourbon Ale

The beer in my mug is this Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. I’ve seen this beer at the liquor store but have hesitated to buy it since the brewery isn’t obvious from the label. Close inspection reveals it’s made by Alltech’s Lexington Brewering Co. Never heard of it. But you know what? I freaking love bourbon barrel aged beers, so we’re giving this one a go!

The beer smells mildly oaky and faintly bourbony. Not impressed based on the aroma or the lifeless look of the beer. The brew redeems itself quickly with a TERRIFIC bourbon flavor. It manages to cram in over 8% ABV without turning the beer into a malty sweet disaster. Bravo! Quite drinkable and delicious as all hell. I wouldn’t try downing a six pack of the stuff in one sitting, but I would totally buy a couple on tap if I happened to find it at a bar.


Kentucky Bourbon Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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