Mystic Descendent

Mystic Descendent

Tonight I met the winner of the Stone Brewing book giveaway I held last week. I was stoked to have a local reader (Greg) win the book. All readers are awesome, however bonus points go to any reader I can meet. Greg and I met up at Julio’s Liquors and we went beer shopping also! A beer run was not in my plans, but I can’t step foot into Julio’s without buying at least a six pack. Ended up with a mixed six pack of craft, a 6 pack of tallboy ‘Gansett Lagers, and a bottle of PaQui tequila for the wife.

Now back at the ranch, I’m watching the Bruins, trying to forget how much the Patriots suck, and drinking this Mystic Descendent.

Mystic Descendent

As you can see from the pictures, I epically failed on the pour for this beer. Spilled beer everywhere. And the head just keeps foaming up. Borderline “gusher beer” behavior. It’s all good though…look how pretty that head is – you could bounce a quarter off of it.

The Descendent is technically a Belgian dark ale. I say “technically” because it doesn’t have any qualities I would normally associate with a Belgian. It has a thin, watery mouthfeel which is accompanied by two main flavors: molasses and roasted malts. It reminds me of a porter.

As I recall, this is the second beer that Mystic has produced. Not a bad brew for the second go-around. The more that I think about it, this beer would make an excellent “entry level” beer for someone who likes darker macro beers but hasn’t gotten into craft yet.


Mystic Descendent

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