Notch BSA Harvest

Tonight I’m being lazy and not doing a beer review. I’m also watching Fast Five. I have to admit it’s not as God awful as I expected. A little while ago I was on Google+ and saw that my buddy Brandon was drinking a Notch session beer. I jokingly demanded a guest review and he actually took me up on it! Brandon, take it away…

Hey all, it’s certainly been awhile since my last guest review. I’ve recently started a new job and have a 16 month at home, so as you can imagine it’s tough to write beer reviews. Usually, when I sit down and drink a beer, the last thing I want to do is write a review. But, Josh is a good friend of mine, and I owe you all another beer review….So let’s get to it.

I am a fan of Notch Brewing Company. This relatively new Ipswich, MA – based brewery has been slowly introducing more and more “session” beers to their lineup. These are full-flavored beers that can be enjoyed “in bulk” if you will, since they have less alcohol typically then their higher ABV (Alcohol by Volume) counterparts. All of Notch’s beers are under 4.5% ABV. Tonight, I cracked a bottle of the BSA Harvest.

This beer is a Farmhouse Ale, otherwise known as a Saison. It’s one of my favorite styles.

The smell of this beer is like any typical Saison, but with a subtle Pumpkin-y spice aroma. It’s a lighter, caramel color. It leaves a decent lacing in the glass.

As far as taste goes, it’s very pleasant. It has your typical Saison characteristics, but honestly nothing too special. It’s got a nice fruity flavor, with mild citrus notes that are experienced mostly in the back of my mouth. Since typical Saisons are usually higher in alcohol, Notch does a great job keeping that pleasant Saison flavor without going overboard on the alcohol (duh, that’s their intent!).

All in all, a great limited release from Notch, but kept me yearning for more. However, I need to keep reminding myself that these are session beers – beers that you can keep enjoying one after another (although any more than 2 bombers would probably be too much). I could definitely see myself seeking out this one next year, since it’s only a limited seasonal.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.