Ovila Saison

One of my favorite things to do is hike with my dog, and pretty much every weekend I’m out for a hike in the foothills west and north of D.C. Today, I checked out Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland, but since it was the first time I’d been there, I underestimated how long it would take me to bang out a hike, thus a later than usual post.

Now that I’m home, and I’ve worked up a thirst, it’s time to crack a brew and do one of my other favorite things – review! This week I went with a cool collaboration brew named Ovila Saison. It’s a joint brew from Sierra Nevada and the Abbey of New Clairvaux, combining Sierra brewers with monastic brewing tradition, and a portion of the proceeds go toward restoring the Ovila house on the abbey’s grounds.  Best of all, it comes in a 22-ounce bomber bottle!

The pour was great – a light golden color, with a huge foam head. I smelled lots of spicy and pepper notes on the aroma, and also caught some grassy background notes.

Tastewise, I was a bit let down. Based on the aroma, I was expecting a lot of spices and pepper. I got some nice hay-like notes up top, some spices through the middle, and end notes combinating hops with a faint bitterness. The label touts fruits through the middle and pepper on the end, but I didn’t really get either of those flavors at all.

Overall, this is pretty good, but nothing earth shattering. One of it’s best attributes is the high level of drinkability. It’s pretty light and the 7.0% ABV isn’t too heavy. Combined with the great backstory and proceeds, it’s worth checking out.


Author: Silvio

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