Three Heads Skunk

Three Heads Skunk

Can you believe the weekend is over? What the fuck?!? I’m looking forward to getting the coming week over with, as it will bring us closer to the long holiday weekend.

Although it felt incredibly short, this weekend was great. Friday night we ran some errands, watched a movie, and had some drinks at home. Saturday we spent the evening celebrating my buddy Kevin’s 30th Bday. His wife rented out the party room at Pinz in Milford, MA. Although a bit pricy at $40 a head, it was an AWESOME time. The party room has 4 private bowling lanes and a MONSTER sized TV screen that is right above the bowling lanes. They even had decent beer on tap; I drank 20 ounce Sierra Nevada Pale Ale all night.

Capping off the night, the Bruins CRUSHED the Buffalo Sabres and there was an awesome UFC fight (free) on TV.

Fast forward to Sunday. After not touching a video game for almost a month, I got up early and banged out almost 6 hours of Mass Effect 2. After that, I went for a 3 mile run in this AWESOME weather we are having. 60 degrees in November! Spent the next 4 hours watching football on RedZone. Later tonight the Patriots play…let’s hope they don’t ruin this great weekend!

Three Heads Skunk

For lunch earlier today we made vegan cheese soup bread bowls. The recipe called for beer, so I busted out this Three Heads Skunk Black IPA. Yay for cooking with beer! *ridiculous and awkward looking cheerleader move*

The soup turned out just OK. There was something I didn’t like about it, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was jiving. Melissa said that she could taste the beer in the soup and wasn’t a huge fan either. I was drinking the remainder of the beer while eating the soup, so I couldn’t tell you if I thought the soup tasted like beer. I don’t think we would make this recipe again.

On to the review of the beer itself…

Three Heads Skunk

At first I was raving about this Three Heads Skunk. Cold, it tasted well balanced with an even amount of roasted malts and hoppy bitterness. As the beer warmed the maltiness faded and I became less impressed with the beer. By the time I was finishing the bottle I felt like I was drinking a mild IPA rather than a black IPA.

If you forget about style and expectations of a style, I’d say that this is an excellent beer. Those of you who enjoy “the bitter” should give this one a go.


Three Heads Skunk

Author: Joshua Dion

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