21st Amendment Brewery Fireside Chat

21st Amendment's Fireside Chat Boy, what a week this has been. I don’t really talk about my work, but I am the PR director for a TV show focused on energy and climate issues. It’s a great job that lets me work on topics I’m really passionate about, but I learned this week that we are going off the air on December 30th due to lack of funding.

It’s been bittersweet, knowing I’ve produced cool videos and helped raise awareness of important issues, but also learning it’s going to end. Of course, hearing you’ll lose your job is a frightening prospect. But I’ve started reaching out to my professional network, have a bunch of promising leads, and optimistically believe opportunity comes out of adversity. I can’t wait to tell the LIBA community about my next step :)

Anyway, back to the beer, since that’s why you clicked on this link. I mentioned this has been a bittersweet week, and that’s my segue to 21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat. This is the brewery’s winter warmer, and an all-around excellent brew.

21st Amendment's Fireside Chat Huge props to 21st Amendment for this brew’s artwork, which references FDR’s fireside chats. As the brewery says, the beer reminds them of his famous WWII radio broadcasts, because it combines a warm reassuring hug and a swift kick in the pants.

The pour is beautiful, a dark combination of deep red and opaque darkness, with a fluffy foam crown that reminds me of the head on a Guiness. The aroma is so-so, with some hints of spices and sweet malts.

21st Amendment's Fireside Chat Tastewise, this is a great winter warmer. Bittersweet is the best word to describe the flavor, hence the connection to my week. I got a lot of malted sweetness on the front, with rich spices through the middle, and a rich but sour aftertaste. I felt like the taste coated my tongue after I was finished with each sip, in a combination of minerals and sweet spices that made me want another sip right away.

And that’s a good thing to consider with this brew – it’s really drinkable. Very crisp and refreshing, with good carbonation. It goes down smooth, and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself three deep without blinking. That’s a bit of a problem due to the surprisingly high 7.9% ABV.

21st Amendment's Fireside Chat Regardless, I highly recommend this beer, and encourage LIBA nation to grab a six pack of them before they’re gone for the season!


Author: Silvio

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