Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

Good lord this week has been busy. I’ve decided to start my own PR business in response after learning the tv show I work for is going off the air. I made it through a business trip to New York City, tons of research on how to set up the new biz, and hustling to line up clients, so it’s the freakin’ weekend baby, and I’m ’bout to have me some fun.

After a long hike at Great Falls National Park in Northern Virginia earlier today, a nice nap in the afternoon, and some sushi takeout with wifey, I decided to raid the fridge for a brew to review, and pulled out the Ballast Point Big Eye IPA. It’s a San Diego-based brewery, part of their line of beers named after sportfish the owners have caught.

This brew poured out with many of the standard IPA tendencies – a clear but dark amber color and distinct hoppy aroma. I was also pleased with the fluffy foam head and suspended sediment floating in the glass.

Tastewise, this is a solid IPA that most beer drinkers will enjoy. The distinct hoppy aroma pulled through nicely to the first sip and developed delicious pine and floral notes through the middle before ending on a slightly sweet malt final note.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this for hop heads and casual beer drinkers alike. It was full bodied but quite drinkable, and the 6.8% ABV won’t cause too much damage. If you come across the Big Eye, give it a try!

Author: Silvio

I like beer.