Butternuts Moo Thunder

Butternuts Moo Thunder

Tonight I’m chilling out and have absolutely nothing interesting to talk about. Except for, that is, the beer I’m trying out – Butternuts Moo Thunder. Despite once reading on the DailyBeerReview site that the beer was “boring”, I still bought a can. I’m a bit of a sucker for cows, and the label kicks ass. This is a farmhouse Stout, so I suppose I should be expecting a highly drinkable light stout. Let’s see what we get…

The beer poured with a nice little head which dissipated into a thin layer of tan foam and plenty of lacing. Look’s delicious!

The beer packs exactly what I had envisioned. It’s what I imagine a “Guinness Light” might taste like (if it existed); it’s thin and very drinkable. The label says “all malt” and they aren’t kidding…this beer has very little bitter flavor. What bitterness there is comes in the form of coffee/chocolate roasted malt.

Rob from DailyBeerReview found it boring. I don’t find it particularly interesting, HOWEVER, I do really like the beer. There is absolutely something positive to be said about a stout that you could drink more than two of without feeling like you’ve drank a sack of bricks!

Author: Joshua Dion

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