Dark Horse One

Dark Horse One

Today was the last of a 3 day Christmas weekend. It was a busy weekend with a trip to Vermont and then western Massachusetts. I was happy to have today to myself.

Dark Horse One

The day was fairly productive. I did some housework, made a delicious breakfast and lunch, fixed my wife’s computer, and worked on new LIBA feature. The LIBA feature will make the beer catalog auto-updating and thus always current with the latest posts. A fair amount of coding was involved, but I have the logic all figured out and I’m excited to be rolling out the new page later this week.

Dark Horse One

Tonight’s beer is Dark Horse One Oatmeal Stout. Usually oatmeal stouts don’t excite me; I rarely think that the oatmeal sweetens up the beer enough and the beers end up being too bitter. However, I took a chance on this beer because I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Horse’s other beers.

The Dark House One doesn’t suffer this fate – it’s a well balanced stout with equal parts bitter and sweet. Pretty typical stout flavors (coffee and dark chocolate) abound.

Two notable things jump out to me.

#1: It goes down like water, which is surprising for an 8% ABV brew!
#2: It’s super creamy.

Another delicious beer from Dark Horse!


Dark Horse One

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