Firestone Walker Walker’s Reserve

Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve

Tonight was my final presentation for my fall class. DONE! Next week I just have to show up and ask questions of other presenters. SAWEEEET!

I’m looking forward to the break between classes that I’ll get over Christmas and into January. As I recall, I only have 3 classes to go after this one.

Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve

Tonight’s beverage of choice is Firestone Walker Walker’s Reserve. Friends Sean & Kerry brought this back from California. Although I’m very grateful for the beer (and the Russian River they brought back), I should have told them I could get Firestone Walker here in MA. In fact, last time I was at Julio’s Liquors I almost picked up a bottle of thie Walker’s Reserve.

Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve

The Reserve pours with this sexy, bad-ass, whomp-whomping head. So delicious looking…I almost ran for a spoon.

The flavors are bold, and I’m shocked that it’s only 5.8% ABV. I’m getting big roasted flavors and heavy malt. There is a twist of citrusy hops, giving the beer a black-IPA feel about it. I want to say I’m tasting a little bit of smoke as well.

It’s smooth and uber creamy, finishing with a long bitter aftertaste. Pretty delicious and fairly interesting with so much complexity.

Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve

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