I’m a idiot

Last week I told you how I did the dumbest thing ever by falling on the treadmill.

Earlier this week I tried to go above and beyond that – hence the garbage disposal incident.

Tonight I’ve really outdone myself. And I mean OUTDONE. So much so that this one is worth a non beer review blog post!

Today I had a LONG ASS day at work; I had meetings booked solid from 8:30am – 5pm. After my last meeting was over, I was so stoked to go home. I was looking forward to blasting some music on my drive and then guzzling some ‘Gansett the second I got home. When I got out of that meeting I headed straight for the door, skipping the stairs and hitting the elevator instead.

I hit the button for the bottom floor and pull my car/house keys out of my pocket. Like a fucking key-ring cowboy I swung them around on my finger a couple of times. The third swing around my finger launched the keys forward, landing SQUARELY on the 1″ wide gap between the elevator floor and the building floor. I think to my self “HOLY SHIT, that was crazy close” and I reach down to pick up the keys. My hand gets two inches from the keys when the door starts to close, jostling the elevator, and sending my keys down the elevator shaft.




I’ll skip the details of the rest of my evening. The short version:
I had to borrow someone’s car to go get my extra key at home. I was two hours late getting home and my company is paying the elevator company to come in on Monday to retrieve my keys.


Author: Joshua Dion

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