Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey

Today’s been a whirlwind. Between running errands and cleaning my backyard from the last of Fall’s leaves, I’ve been on the go since I woke up. Wifey and I are heading to a holiday party tonight, and I’ve got just enough time to crank out a quick review. Today I tried Left Hand Brewing Company’s 400 Pound Monkey.

This is an English-style IPA, meaning it’s traditionally maltier with a higher ABV. Sign me up! I loved the trippy label, referencing the beer’s roots as a brew developed in late 1700s to supply the British Imperial army occupying India. Extra malts were added to help the brew stay fresh on the long journey, and the 400 pound holds true to form.

The pour was interesting, with lots of suspended sediment in the glass and a cloudy, dark golden wheat color. A decent amount of carbonation gave the pour a one-finger head which dissipated pretty quickly. The aroma was full of sweet malts with faint hoppy notes.

This was a smooth-tasting brew full of sweet malts on the front, not overly thick, with nice roasted background notes. The hops came on through the middle, but were muted and indistinct, and they ended on a long bitter endnote. It’s overall pretty light and the flavor doesn’t stick around. I did get some metallic notes across the middle and end.

Overall, the 400 Pound was good, not great. It’s perfect for casual beer drinkers, or those looking for a mellow malt-IPA blend. And, with a 6.7% ABV, it’s not going to knock you on your ass. I’d definitely recommend picking some up.


Author: Silvio

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