Leinenkugel Fireside Nut Brown

Ah, the last LIBA post of 2011. I’m honored to be able to write on this blog, and while reviewing has led me to try many new brews, it’s even cooler to think my reviews led some of you to try new beers too. I’m sure many members of LIBA Nation will be cracking open brews this evening, and I hope some of the beers I’ve reviewed this year will grace your gullets tonight. As for me, I’ll be ringing in the New Year in a pretty low-key way, with wifey, our pug, and a few close friends.

Anyway, enough with the Auld Lang Syne, let’s get to the review! This week I went with Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown. I’m a fan of this brewery, and think they do the fruit- or nut-flavored beer better than most. Their Summer Shandy (tastes like beer-lemonade) is probably the most refreshing summer brew I can think of, so I had high hopes.

The pour was a very clear with a light chestnut brown color, but barely any foam head. I smelled lots of roasted malts and generic nuttiness on the aroma, but nothing distinct.

The taste was good, dominated by the same nutty malt goodness I got on the aroma. It started off sweet and nutty, and grew into a deeper roasted malt throught the middle, before ending on a chestnut endnote. Like most Leinenkugels, this was very light, almost a bit watery, testament to the low 4.9 ABV.

If you love roasted chestnuts and beer, this is the brew for you. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good, very drinkable, tasty beer.

Hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve and a happy and prosperous 2012!


Author: Silvio

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