Russian River Consecration

Russian River Consecration

Today we hung out with my little brother Nick. I’ve seen him very little since he went off to college in August. It’s a big change from seeing him almost every weekend. He came over and helped us decorate our Charlie Brown Christmas tree and then helped us wrap some gifts. After that, we chilled and watched the Patriots beat the Colts.

Russian River Consecration

When I took him back home to his dorm, I was brought back to when I was in college. Coming down his dorm hallway we ended up in the middle of a racquet ball game…as in, people hucking the balls at each other. Once in his room, all his roommates were giggling. We soon found out that they had defiled Nick’s calendar, drawing two massive sword-fighting dicks on it.

These were the kinds of things me and my buddies did ALL the time. For a few seconds I was transported back to 1997. Reality kicked in when I realized I was the creepy old dude in the room. I made my hasty exit.

Russian River Consecration

Tonight’s beer is a very special one. My wonderful friends Sean and Kerry recently took a 10 day trip to California. Before leaving, Sean asked me what beer was good out there. My first response was Russian River, and I mentioned that I would pay to have them bring me back some bottles of R.R. brews. And thus I have a bottle of Russian River Consecration to drink this evening.

This beer is an ale aged in red wine barrels and is intended to be quite sour. It’s no slouch at 10% ABV.

The pour was frankly a little strange. The head fizzed like soda and quickly disappeared. No lacing, visible bubbles, or other signs that this is a beer. The bubbles must be microscopic, because there is a stinging (champagne-esc) carbonation in the mouthfeel.

This beer is not for amateurs. It’s hugely sour. Not just “tart”…sour! Oak and wine flavors mix with the sour giving this beer a very unique flavor. I’m shocked that it is 10% ABV, as there is no sweetness involved. Sour flavors must be masking the booze.

This is a terrific brew. Bold and different! Probably the most sour beer I’ve ever tried. I wish that I had a few bottles so I could experiment with aging them.

Russian River Consecration

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  1. Make friends with someone in Philly. You can find it there. Only problem is you’ll probably have to buy a case (though I know someone in Providence who’d buy a couple bottles). Also excellent is Supplication, another of their sours.

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