Shiner Holiday Cheer

Fantasy football has made me fortune’s fool. I’m in a super-competitive league with lots of good friends and coworkers that I’ve won twice in the past four years. I managed to go 11-2 this season, and having been in first place all season while assembling a team of stars, I enjoyed a bye in the first week of playoffs. And then I promptly posted a season-low point total in week two, losing to a guy I recruited into the league. Blarg. And of course in this week’s consolation game for third place, my team is blowing away my opponent, as per usual. Double blarg.

At least I’ve got Christmas to get me through my misery and dejection, and that brings me to this week’s beer. I looked all over for a suitable Christmas beer to review, and finally came across Spoetzel Brewery’s Shiner Holiday Cheer at the supermarket today. I’m not really familiar with Shiners but everyone seems to love them, and the packaging totally got me in the holiday mood.

I've got a lot of holiday spirit

Holiday Cheer is a German-style dunkelweizen (dark wheat ale) brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans. The pour was dark and crystal clear, reminiscent of iced tea, with some light carbonation and decent foam head. The brew smelled sweet, and I definitely picked up the peach notes behind the mellow malt base.

The flavor was pretty much what I was expecting. Lots of sweet malts throughout the taste, starting off mellow but turning into the roasted pecans through the middle and end. The malts coated my mouth and definitely stuck around for a while on the aftertaste.

However, the real star of this brew is the Texas peach flavor. It was unexpectedly good, sweet without being saccharine or syrupy, and really sticks out as a unique flavor.

I really liked this brew and would highly recommend picking up a sixer if you can while it’s available. It’s light, super drinkable, and has a light ABV of 5.4% Plus, how can you go wrong with a sixer designed to look like a present?

Happy holidays everyone, I hope Santa brings every member of LIBA nation awesome presents and lots of good beer!


Author: Silvio

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