21st Amendment Allies Win the War

21st Amendment Allies Win the War

What a weekend! Friday night we had friends over for UFC fights. Saturday we spent the afternoon at our nephew’s 1st birthday party. And today (Sunday) we are spending the day watching football. The Patriots are on their way to the Superbowl baby!

Backing up for a second to Saturday, my wife’s sister just came back from St. Thomas. She picked me up a bottle of rum and two Caribbean beers (see below). Have any of you tried this stuff?

21st Amendment Allies Win the War

Following a nail-biter of a Patriot’s game I’m trying to relax and watch the 49ers and Giants duke it out for the NFC championship. After pacing back and forth in my living room for literally hours I need a freaking beer!

21st Amendment Allies Win the War

And the beer of choice is 21st Amendment – Allies Win the War, which is a collaboration with Ninkasi. The label clearly states that this is a beer brewed with dates. Prior to opening this up I was fully expecting a thick mouth-feel with dark-fruit flavors.

That all changed when I realized that the IBU (international bitter units) was 52…relatively high, indicating significant hops were added to the brew. Boy were my expectations off! The brew looks as I expected – a dark reddish brown. Also meeting my expectations, the mouth-feel is in-fact sugary and thick. The flavor is far from expected.

The sweetness from the dates comes through first and is quickly eclipsed by mild bitter citrus hops. The balancing of the flavors is REALLY well done. I love what they have done with this beer and I recommend you try it when you get a chance. A word of advice though – watch out…this bad boy is 8.5% ABV!

21st Amendment Allies Win the War

Author: Joshua Dion

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3 thoughts on “21st Amendment Allies Win the War”

  1. I was expecting big dark fruit as well, and was really surprised by the hops. Right away the hops hit me in the face on the aroma, and I was loving it. now looking for a case of it.

  2. Having been wholly underwhelmed by 21st A. beers in the past I haven’t plopped down the change to try one of these yet. I suppose now I have to, although I’m always cautious when I here about sugary sweetness in a beer – one the quickest turn-offs for me.

    1. Dave:

      As Jay points out, the hops are prominent. Despite the sugary aspects I wouldn’t be surprised if you liked this beer.

      I also received a few tweets last night from other folks who were raving about this beer.


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