21st Amendment Bitter American

21st Ammendment Bitter American

Tonight is poker night and I’ve got about 8 people coming over for the festivities. I’m kinda broke, so let’s hope I win tonight. It’s been awhile since I last won. I’m sneaking in a beer review before everyone shows up….21st Amendment Bitter American.

This is a TERRIFIC beer from 21st Amendment Brewery. It’s light and super drinkable (4.4% ABV), but doesn’t give up any ground in the taste department; citrus and floral hops are dominant. The beer has a stingy carbonation that I’m digging.

Many thanks to Greg for leaving a few cans of this stuff at my house after we hung out last Thursday! Which also reminds me…poker night usually means tons of leftover beer in my fridge. Here’s hoping people bring something tasty!

21st Ammendment Bitter American

Author: Joshua Dion

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