Carib Lager

Carib Lager

Today was fairly busy. Work (of course) followed by our regular Tuesday night church classes. I was teaching a class this evening, and having a bigger role in the evening meant I needed to come more prepared then usual. Now back at the homestead I’m watching an excellent Bruin’s game.

The cold I have been battling has 100% moved into my chest. I spent half the afternoon hacking, surely annoying everyone around me at work. I’m 90% sure I’m working from home tomorrow to avoid spewing phlegm all over the office.

With full smelling capacity restored, I’m fully capable of reviewing beer. I’m cracking open a bottle of Carib Lager, the second beer I received from my sister-in-law who recently returned from a trip to St. Thomas.

Carib Lager

I’m not going to lie…the beer has me frightened! There is only one beer on the entire planet that I cannot drink. Any guesses?

Corona. a.k.a. skunk piss. Apologies to those who like the beer…it’s just not my thing. In fact, any beer in a green or clear bottle generally has that skunkish flavor and smell that I can’t stand. As you may have noticed from the pictures, take away the label and the Carib Lager looks just like Corona.

Carib Lager

Popping the top on the beer, my worst fears are being realized. It smells like Pepe Le Pew is hiding under my couch. I’m already telling Melissa that there is no way I’ll be able to finish this beer. I’m a trooper though, so I’m going to try.

I’m absolutely shocked to find that the beer doesn’t taste nearly as skunky as it smells. In fact, it’s not only tolerable, but teetering on the side of tasty! It’s smooth with a nice touch of buttery sweetness. Equally surprising is the ABV – 5.2%. Light, drinkable, relatively boozy – a college kid’s dream come true. (I was a Natural Ice kinda guy in college)

I not only finished the bottle, but I enjoyed it! I’m even a little sad that I only have one to drink. Carib Lager has me wondering if I need to try Corona again. Maybe my tastes have changed.

Brady and Josh

With my beer gone, It’s back to the couch to finish watching the B’s game. Hopefully tonight I can stay awake, not like last night! (see picture above)

Author: Joshua Dion

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